SRK Fan Tribute Thoda Senti & Thoda Mental!


King Khan is all set to celebrate his golden jubilee on 2nd November.

As the Badshah Shahrukh Khan turns 5o, his fans have already started celebrating and giving advance wishes to the birthday boy. SRK is loaded with pre birthday messages and special tributes. His fans are trying their level best to make this handsome hunk’s birthday special and he is loving it too!!

But there’s this one tribute video by Jumbo Jutts that takes the cake. This video by YFilms which has used glimpses from SRK’s best songs is the sweetest tribute that Shahrukh Khan has seen in a long time…That’s what SRK tweeted:

Have a look… You will love this special tribute !!     Thoda senti and zyaada mental is not coincidental……Wow!! That was just an awesome gift and it really makes you Senti-Mental for SRK.

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A big shout out to the editing team ….. Effects and editing is done so well that they look like a part of SRK’s songs. Superbly superimposed into every frame. After getting an overwhelming appreciation from SRK, the boys also tweeted: 

Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan 🙂 Again in advance…

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