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Adventure, Beauty, Peace – Take Your Pick In Srinagar!



The most clichéd line you get to hear from someone who has just returned from Kashmir is that it is ‘Paradise on Earth‘. So, here it goes: If there is paradise on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here…’

Does that make it obvious that I have just returned from my trip to the most beautiful place on Earth? I hope so because I’m so filled with the beauty and tranquillity of the place that I did not want to come back. The sightseeing places, trekking and adventure that Srinagar and its surroundings have to offer, just out of this world experience!

There’s no particular season to visit Kashmir because every season has its own appeal and fascination but one visit during the winter season is highly recommended. Though at times it becomes difficult to adjust in the super snow thing but those who do… have it all!

1. Hazrat Bal Mosque

Do not miss the biggest mosque of Srinagar where Allah is waiting to grant your wishes! You cannot overcome the great feeling you get here.


2. Gulmarg 

Don’t forget to have the famous ‘Kahwa’, when in Gulmarg!


3. Sonamarg

The road is a little risky but adventurous at the same time where you’ll get snow and greenery at the same time. Well, getting to Sonamarg means touching the border of Ladakh, which is a different feel totally. Here’s a video of summers in Sonamarg.


4. Pahalgam

Well if you’ve not experienced horse riding, then this place is just unmatchable and most adventurous of all.


5. Lidder River

A very long river in the valley of Kashmir which looks phenomenal from various points in the hills.


6. Kheer Bhawani

The famous temple constructed over sacred spring.


7. Dal Lake

This is obviously the best place in Kashmir. I would call it a writer’s place and a photographer’s home. It has so much life to it.


8. Shankaracharya Temple

This temple is situated on the banks of Dal Lake and atop a hill, don’t miss it in any case if you want to see how Jhelum flows in and around Srinagar!


More about Kashmir:

> Mughal Garden, Chashma-Shahi, Nishat Garden are some of beautiful gardens in Kashmir.

> It’s a hub for Bollywood movies. You’ll get to see various places which have been covered in the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Sonamarg, Betaab – Betaab Valley, the famous Jai Jai Shiv Shankar song from the movie Aap Ki Kasam – Shankaracharya Temple.

> All you foodies, don’t forget to taste the famous saffron chicken and of course biryani of Kashmir.

> If you’re a hukka lover, then don’t forget to try the matke vala hukka out there.

> On the adventurous part, summers offer trekking and horse riding (through the hills) and winters have skiing and ice-skating which I suppose is the best part of Kashmir.

> Also, Kashmir is reputable for its alluring handicraft and dryfruit. You must have heard of Kashmiri Apples which are quite popular and juicy, walnuts straight from the farms around Srinagar which are priceless!

Well, I know now you’re excited enough to visit this treasure and to make some kind of plans or strategies somewhere in your mind.

Jao bhai jao, ghoom ke aao!

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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