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Spruce Up Christmas With These Love Making Positions!

Christmas is a festival that comes with a lot of fun and fervor.People are seen exchanging gifts and many new relations build up during these celebrations.We all love Christmas don’t we?? But what about love making?

love making

In case you are bored of the same old routine then here’s something you can definitely try this Christmas 🙂

Check out these love making positions for some Christmas fun:

1.Jingle Balls

love making

This move centers around some classic teabaging, either before, during or after intercourse. So whenever you decide to do it, walk to the kitchen and frost your round sacs with leftover green and red frosting from the Christmas cookies to appeal to her sweet tooth and ensure extra-intense tongue action. Bonus points if you try this out and swirl some red frosting around your penis for a candy cane bonus.

2. A quick and silent one

love making

Not only is Christmas a great time for sex, it is also a time when family can be a little too close at all the wrong times. So this year, make the most of it by engaging in some exciting secret holiday sex with your partner at a very unsuspecting about Christmas dinner. The goal is for you and your partner to separately excuse yourselves in the middle of dinner, without arousing suspicion, then make your way up to an available bedroom for a quickie.

3.Down the Chimney with Care

love making

With all the Christmas songs and stories involving chimneys, no Christmas sex position portfolio would be complete without one involving your partner’s ash pipe. Firstly, you’ll need to sport a St. Nick’s outfit ,and then, with her lying on her neck facing you, you give her an anal pile driver. Besides all the other sensations going on, the blood will be rushing to her head — it’s not unheard of for the drivee to pass out.

4.Secret Santa

love making

This one involves a Santa mask and suit, and a blindfold. Set up the encounter as your usual mystery seduction by tying up and blindfolding your girl. Then, dress up in your Santa get up and get down to business. Once everything is done, take off her blindfold and let her see who her secret Santa really is.

5.Trim the Tree

love making

Part of the Christmas tradition is a small degree of deforestation, as pines and firs are cut and cleared. What better time to cut and clear the fur forest of you and your partner? If you trust each other — really, really trust each other — try doing the job for each other. If there was ever a time to remind her how sensitive that skin is, this is it — your life is in her hands. When you’re both free of debris, you’ll find oral fixations renewed and enhanced — without the obligatory throat clearing and teeth-picking afterward.

So now that you know what to do..get into some love making..what are you waiting for!!

Courtesy : askmen


Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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