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Spices To Essentially Keep You Warm In This Cold!

The right spice can totally elevate a dish and the wrong one can totally spoil it. There are some spices, which are essential in the winters and some in the summer.

But if you want to protect yourself this winter, then include the spices in our list for sure.

1. King of spices, Cumin or Jeera


This essential spice has a sweet aroma and a warm consistency. It tastes even better when had after roasting. It is a great source of iron and great for boosting immunity.

2. Cloves aka Laung


This is a delightful spice for the winters. It is rich in Vitamin K and fibre. Just drop one in your soup and see it get a makeover.

3. Paprika or Kashmiri Chilly Powder

The spice has a sweet and mild flavour. It is high in antioxidants and nutrients like Vitamin C.

4. Turmeric, sold as Haldi]

This essential spice is very essential for controlling all types of inflammations in the body. Make it a point to add it to everything you cook.

5. Ginger aka Adrak

This root is an all-rounder. You can grate it, chop it and use it in many other ways. Add it to your tea and see how it makes it so delightful.

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