Spare A Thought For The Army Dogs And Horses!


In a shocking revelation, the Indian Army has disclosed that it euthanises horses and dogs once they are deemed unfit for duty.

Yes, you heard us right. This revelation has come out in response to an RTI which was filed to know more about the life of dogs and horses after retirement.

Haven’t we all marvelled at some time or the other, at the beautiful well bred and perfectly trained dogs and horses serving the nation in the Indian Army. Sadly, after serving the nation for most of their lifetime, the Army believes that they do not have a right to retire in peace.

The Army has clearly stated that once these animals are judged unfit for even a month, they are put to sleep. The Indian Army has been using German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds and Labradors for sniffing out narcotics, bombs and even criminals.

And the reason for not giving them a second lease of life will shock you even more. The Army says, that animals that are unfit are an added burden on the services and the army feels no need to invest money in their upkeep thereafter.

Well, we would require another post to discuss the perks that an Army officer enjoys while on duty and even after retirement.

The other reason given by the Army is that the dogs are familiar with critical locations and hence cannot be handed over to civilians. Haven’t they heard of the concept called ‘Animal Shelter’?

At Khurki, we feel these are just flimsy excuses for shirking responsibility in the cruelest manner possible.

The Army should stop playing God and take responsibility of man’s best friend.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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