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Sonu Nigam’s Rant About Azaan Is On Point & Why You Should Also Support It!

Religion has been a major topic of concern for everyone, specially in our country. India is home to various religions and one of them is Islam. Being one of the biggest religions of the world, Islam takes pride in calling itself a minority in India. When it comes to religion, the constitution is so well moulded that you can do nothing about it. A major concern for every smart citizen is the loudspeakers used for religious ceremonies. And these loudspeakers are not just for Islam but all other religions.

You want it or not, you will be woken up by the sound of prayer (aka noise) coming from some religious institution. And it is not just about religion but also the concerts happening, DJs, Parties all these are noise for many in some form or the other. You simply don’t want to be forced to hear some unwanted noise.

People of various religions should understand that your prayer is soothing and music to your ears, not to the rest. Any form of loud music disturbing others should be banned. Oh oh wait it is, but no one bats an eye when it comes to religion. It is high time that authorities wake up and be vigilant about the non permissible use of loudspeakers.

And why you cannot rant about it Mr Sonu Nigam!

When a celebrity say something it becomes news and at times they say stuff with clear intention of hitting the headlines. Not sure why Sonu did that, but before doing this he needs to look at himself first. The man who started his career with Jagratas is now talking about noise pollution. Your concerts are not conducted in a soundproof hall. They happen in the middle of a public place. And they too are noise to many, no matter how great a singer you are sir. Your event organizers also uses loudspeakers, and I am sure they are way louder and bigger sound systems than those of religious ceremonies. For me Sonu Nigam talking about noise pollution of loud speakers is as stupid as seeing Salman Khan as the ambassador for “Drink & Drive, awareness campaign!”

I could certainly write thousand more words about it, but I think I have made my point, somebody with logical mindset would have understood. For others, even if I write another granth they won’t get the point.

This tweet of his got him the limelight..

Mixed Pulaav Of Twitter Reaction


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