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Cabin Crew Suspended For Letting Sonu Nigam Gig!

Now that’s the price one pays for violating rules and rightly so.

Just because some passengers didn’t want to miss the opportunity of listening to Sonu Nigam live concert mid-air, can the rules be flouted? Well the Directorate General of Civil Aviation doesn’t think so? Not even for Sonu Nigam.

The in-flight concert took place during a chartered flight from Jodhpur to Mumbai on January 4th. Here’s the video for all the hardcore fans with the softest corners for the singer:

Thinking neutrally, it’s true to an extent that this would affect the alertness of the crew members and was also against traffic control rules.

Confirming the action, a statement issued by Jet Airways said: “All cabin crew on the flight have been taken off flight duty for inquiry and corrective training to reinforce strict adherence to operating procedure.”

Be aware of things, you might be the next Sonu Nigam.

Now let’s check out the Twitter take on this:

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Vishal Kapoor
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