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Some Irritating Habits Girls Need To Stop !!


Girls can be irritating! Being one myself, I can say this with all the objectivity possible.

A lot of observation, questioning and poking around has gone into drawing this conclusion that we girls do have such habits that annoy and irritate the other person.

But despite being God’s most wonderful creation, we can get on nerves with certain annoying habits.

Girls, please take notice and drop these irritating habits! Now!!

9 Talking or asking questions during movies or sports

Why is it so difficult to keep quiet during matches and movies. Why can’t your comments be reserved for later? And, if you don’t understand the game, please don’t watch.

8 Spending obscene amount of money on clothes, make-up, shoes and accessories

This can always be budgeted, we are sure. The extravagance can be a sure put-off for the boys.

7 Making judgements

Girls often compare their clothes, make-up and hair with other girls and they reveal more about themselves than others. Most of the time, they pretend to be friends with them on the face and then badmouth them behind their backs.

6 Whining and high pitch

Who likes to have a nagster with a shrill pitch as a girlfriend? So girls, I suggest please have control on your high pitch and impress your man.

5 Faking can be negative impact

Guys don’t believe in mind games. There is no GREY zone for them. You like cigarette, you don’t like cigarette. But lighting it up just for the heck of it, pretending to be cool, is so uncool. So just be what you are!

4 Taking years to get ready

Girls you really don’t need to try different-different dresses. Pick up the one that adds to your confidence. And, if you are going to ask someone how you look in a dress, for God’s sake please believe what they have to say.

3 That Duck Face… Oh! I mean the pout

Whoever started this? It’s getting worse and unfortunately, I am addicted to it as well. Pouting may seem the most natural thing to you, but NO it is not. Smiling is the second best thing that you can do with your lips.

2 Texting, especially when someone is busy

Most of the time, girls place extraordinary emphasis on texting and timely replies. Girls please give other person their space. Stop bothering your guys if there is a delay in replies. He could genuinely be busy @ work!

1 Talking about relationship issues with others

Even the best of relationships have their share of ups and downs. But who can stop girls, especially when they are having a hard time in love. She will tweet about it and call for her friends and talk about what a shitty bf she has.

Girls, accept it. You do have annoying habits and these can be a put-off for anyone, including the love of your life.

Learn to unlearn as genuineness wins over any flaw!



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