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Social Media New-Age Devil! Ban It?



Social media is the new-age devil!

Why is the social media new age devil, because it has killed our lives. We all live a life of social acceptance, where if my new pic has not got 100 likes, I get depressed! My friend hasn’t tagged me, I am stressed! Oh, they have checked into blah blah cafe, I’m jealous! Competition, rate race and a fake life!

Yes, social media has made us slaves of social acceptance! You don’t believe me? Switch off your phone for one day and and you’ll have all your answers!

We are happy chatting with strangers on Facebook and other chat platforms, but rubbish our siblings. We want to increase our friends list, join WhatsApp groups, get followers on Insta and Twitter, but have you ever asked your mom or dad for a cup of tea, leave alone your grandparents.

Relatives intrude into your privacy, but a five-day old FB friend even knows how you do it! Hats Off to the new age youth!


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1. Don’t worry Social Media wont be banned..but yeah definitely govt shall start looking out options to ban american sites like Facebook,twitter,Youtube etc & start developing our own version like Chinese did, our mail server,out SerachEngine,Our MS-Office,our Operating System etc…I believe Digital India Revolution is on its way

2. Snapchat crAze is more thn fb now days is so addictive haha

3.oh! kash aisa ban hojaye yar? see basically girl’s and got in real life, they don’t think haa! fb pe aur ko dekh lugi. but jab ban hojayega flirting type wale bande toh mar hi jayege

4. this channel should be banned…give this space to krk..he is more entertaining although a chutiya

5. dun knw about fb, twitter and insta bcoz I had olrdy deactivated my account there….but I can’t imagine wht will happen to me if Google+ and YouTube get banned

Khurki Verdict: ‘Use’ Social Media, don’t ‘abuse’ it to a level that it gets banned or becomes a curse for you!

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!

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