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Is It True! Are Smartphones Killing Your Sex Life?

Can’t remember when was the last time you got frisky with your partner under the sheet? The culprit may be right in your pocket, as a new study has blamed smartphones for decline in sex lives.

Cambridge University’s Professor David Spiegelhalter new book Sex By Numbers claims that nowadays, a typical heterosexual British couple had sex only 3 times a month on an average, the BBC reported

That compares with 4 times a month according to similar research conducted in 2000, while in 1990 the figure stood at 5 times a month. Professor Spiegelhalter said that though it was hard to pin down a clear cause, one possibility was the increasing violation of work into private life made possible by the mobile revolution.

He said that “people are checking their emails all the time, you do not have this same sort of quiet empty time that there used to be.” Spiegelhalter’s book also looked into the gap between the average number of sexual partners men claim to have, 14, and those women admit to have had, just 7, saying that it was mathematically impossible but that the explanation could be more to do with poor maths than deliberate exaggeration.

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Team Khurki
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