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In Today’s Age of Smartphones, You Still Need These!

Smartphones are addictive! We tend to build our own small world in the handy gadget and we assume to have got it all..!!


We are so obsessed with our phones; we think we have everything we need inside of it. Obsession is a small word for the amount of time we spend on our phones and there are multiple Smartphone statistics online to prove it! While there is no doubt we do have zillions of apps to download and all these apps are aimed at easing our lives, but still there are things we can’t do without, even if our phones provide us an app version of the same.

Lemme tell you about them:

1. Date Calendar

Yes, yes, we know what you are thinking. We know that even the “not so smart” phones have a calendar, but still. Ask a busy company executive who has a desk job and you’ll know life can’t exist without an orthodox date calendar – even today.

2. Torch/Flash Light

You are so smart, eh! You are already arguing that every phone has a flashlight nowadays. We agree, but think about people who need to use it often; watchmen, security guards, campers, farmers and mechanics,who go to the fields in wee hours. Do you think they can afford to drain the mobile battery that often? Naah…

3. A Notepad

This is arguably one of those apps, which nearly all mobile phones offer, but not many actually take advantage of it. That’s probably because an orthodox paper notepad is still a winner. Some people with extensive jobs on hand need to make a lot of notes and they always swear by the pen and paper.

4. Wall Clock/Wrist Watch

What’s the time? Someone asks and there you are fishing for your smartphone in your pocket..!! This is simply not done. The world still goes by the clock and the world needs clocks, like always. Can you imagine a world without wall clocks and wristwatches? We bet you can’t! Besides, a wristwatch is a cool accessory – for both genders. As there are a number of smart watches to choose from, you may want to learn more about some of them, so you can make your decision as to which one is right for you. Or if you prefer to go for a watch like a Rolex or one from Michael Kors, that’s completely up to you. As long as you like it, that’s all that matters.

5. Friends

Can you live without real-time friends? No one can. Even in the age of extensive social media, no matter what amount of virtual contact our smartphones offer..we just can’t do without our real-time friends..! We need hangouts; booze-outs, drive-outs and only our kamina friends can give us that – not our phones.



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