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Apps That Every Girl Should Have In Her Smartphone. Be Safe Than Sorry!



Every gal should ensure that she is safe when she is out alone on the streets. There are specially designed Smartphone apps, which alert your contacts on the shaking of the phone or on unplugging the headphones.

The moment the app is activated, it sends out an email or a text message with the GPS location. The notifications keep going out till the time the app is not disarmed. So in this age of latest technology and smartphones, arm yourself with the latest apps and feel safe.

And remember, you should feel safe at all time. Just pick the apps and try them out.

1. Smart-Shehar Woman Safety Shield Protection

You just need to activate the button in an emergency and your contacts will be notified of your location. And in case you have to let go of your phone or if you lose it in panic, wihtout pressing the send button, the app will send out the information by itself after a few seconds.

2. VithU

A popular app which gets activated by the power button and keeps sending your location to your contacts listed for an emergencyin the interval if 120 seconds.

3. Circle of 6

This is an exclusive app that allows you to connect to six nominated contacts. You can actually send different notifications to different users and contact the police if required.

4. Suspects Registry – For Women

 Once you hit the panic button, this app notifies the registered contacts of your GPS location. It also sends a minute’s recording of the location you are in. It has a ‘record any incident’ feature, which uploads the image to Facebook.

5. BSafe

This app allows you to leave a trail in real time with the help of GPS. And, if in a set period of time, you do not check in, your phone will start ringing. All your contacts will be notified a.s.a.p.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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