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Some Small Changes To Make Your Mundane Life Awesome!


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Aratrika Atwal
Aratrika Atwal
Sweet & simple with great observations, can find out stuff which exists for all but never seen.

Nobody likes gyaan on healthy living nowadays and that holds true to a certain extent, since in our stressful lives we have no time to implement that gyaan. At Khurki, we understand your dilemma. For this reason, we are only going to suggest baby steps to slowly transform your life into something beautiful and these small changes will make your mundane life awesome! And, even if you cheat one day, don’t worry we won’t blame you.

Give yourself a break

On some days, just switch off everything and purposely zone out. The world, your work and even your household will not crash if you do that. When you sit down for a meal, switch off all your gadgets. Try our ‘me’ time theory today.

Image Source
Image Source

Meditation is free

Connect with your inner self by meditating for just ten minutes in a day. Yoga can also help and so can ten minutes of praying. Rejuvenation of the mind will bring peace to your life.

Image Source
Image Source

Start moving your backside

You knew this was coming and you know this is true. If you want to stay fit, just follow a simple rule of walking 10,000 steps in a day. That only means that you are walking for half an hour in a day.

Image Source
Image Source

Switch to eating real food

If you want to live a long and healthy life, cut out processed foods from your life. Switch to eating fresh fruits and veggies. Drink loads of water and stop the aerated drinks.

Image Source
Image Source

Spend time with family and loved ones

If you want to cut out stress from your life, spend genuine and quality time with people who matter. They are the only ones you be yourself with. Just relax and let your hair down.

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Image Source

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