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Six Never-Told Secrets To Improve Your Intimate Moments

Are your intimate moments with your special beau suffering? May be the reasons are staring at you, but you are not able to admit.

If you want those special times to be memorable, sit up and take some advise.

1. It’s ok to fake sometimes

Most sexual counsellors will agree that faking or sort of faking can help the relationship. Maybe the pretence can eventually get the juices flowing.


Definitely worth a try?

2. High time you got used to the ‘natural body’ smells

If you see the temperature in the room suddenly go down, it’s time to visit your gynaec. Any fishy and itchy smell is not normal.


However, sweaty smells are absolutely normal. Eeeks!!!

3. Indulge in pillow talk

There is no need to be in a hurry, make an effort to create the moment. When in bed only talk about things related to bed. The tuition fees, the gas bill, the maid can wait till tomorrow.


Best time to suggest something new!

4. Any kind of pain is not normal

At the first instance of discomfort, say the word STOP. Fix an appointment with the doctor. If the reports are good maybe it’s time to have the talk.

Pain meme

5. Douching is not such a good idea

Unless the doctor told you to do, douching is not recommended. Washing away the good bacteria can lead to bigger problems.


6. Intimacy never harm anybody

Humans secretly long to be loved and to love. Intimacy never harms anybody. Make an honest effort and see your world change little by little.


Remember understanding intimacy, is the first step towards improving it.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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