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Six Must-Try Desi Liquor Recommended For This Weekend

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Do you like to wind up your day with a drink or two? Then, have you tried the desi liquor that is truly Indian in origin.

If you have been stuck to the expensive Scotches all your life, it’s time you tried our desi tharras.

Go on an adventure!

1. Chhang from Ladakh

This is a beer made from Barley that the Yetis have been having since centuries.

Two pegs of this desi liquor won’t blow your mind.

2. Po:ro Apong from Assam

It is a rice beer that is made by the Misingand Adi tribe.

Two pegs, and we advise don’t call your mother.

3. Chuwak from Tripura

This intoxicating drink is made from pineapple, jackfruit, and rice.

Don’t even try calling your mom after two pegs.

4. Handia from Jharkhand

The Santhalis and Mundas tribe make this rice beer. It is actually given in dowry to the daughters.

Don’t worry, you will be able to call your mom after two glasses.

5. Feni from Goa

This a genuine drought made from the apples of cashew nuts.

Calling your wife after a glass: Bad idea!

6. Judima – Assam

The Dimasa tribe believes that a glass of Judima can ward off evil. This wine is even given to newborn babies.

Call your bro’ after two glasses, he will love it.



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