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Have A Sissy Boyfriend? Just Pack Your Bags And Run…

Having someone taking care of you is a bliss in modern days. But there’s limit to everything in the life of a modern person. You become a part of somebody’s life when in a relationship. But trying to control their life is your biggest mistake. A sissy guy cannot control you by force, but any day control you by heavy emotions.

So this is the type, you need to avoid being around and being one!

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Over Possessive Sissy a**e



All you do is complain about her ways, nonstop texters and callers comes under this category. Grow up guys, even the keyboard gives maximum importance to “Space”. Just saying.




The ‘J’ factor can turn lives of both of you into hell. Be jealous only if you don’t love your relationship. If it was for that one person, it will always be nothing on earth can change it.

Meena Kumari Complex


Credits to “Matru Ki Bijli ka Mandola’ a person with this kind of complex can be a danger to the relationship and love life.

One who cannot take a stand


The person who cannot take a stand for himself is not even worth friendship. If your parents don’t approve your girl, you need to make decision for good and for all. Don’t be a cry baby and remove you WhatsApp display picture instead.

The guy who cannot protect his girl


The guy who tell her to ignore the jokers on the streets and move on is not the guy to be with. You need to be with a person who has the guts to give a befitting reply to such nuances.

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And for those who think not being sissy is all about being macho, sorry for your thinking abilities. Being nice, strong & firm is not about being rude or a bully. Relationship needs love and understanding, make sure you understand your partner.

Disclaimer: Have nothing against Imran Khan!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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