Here Are 7 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Is Better Than Singledom!


Nope, you haven’t misunderstood and we haven’t used a wrong headline. There are some obvious benefits of being in a relationship than the singledom. And if you are reading this, either you are single or you want reasons from someone else to get into a relationship. But, you are one of those who thinks being the Ranbir Kapoor of YJHD is the way to live. Let’s take a reality check, there is no Arijit singing in the background of your life. There is no hot foreigner girl drooling over you. So get back to the real world, where you need a partner to spend your life with. If not the whole life but a few moments which make life full of people who love you back. To make you believe all this can happen with you, here are a few reasons…

You always have a companion


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Somebody is always there for you, you don’t have to do stuff alone. Being alone is good, but not always. So when shopping, eating, watching TV you have a companion with you, life is good.

Self esteem


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You need to be proud of yourself. Being single is always a sense of being low in life. And when you are in a relationship, you have a person to take care of, you have to be responsible. And successfully being responsible give a sense of pride. Thus, increasing your self esteem.

You don’t deal with problems alone


When you are alive, you face problems. The eternal truth of life, no matter who you are, you gotta face problems. But here, you don’t have to be alone. No, it is not about you being incapable of dealing with problems. May be it is about team work.

Life is full of activities


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Yet another benefit of being in a relationship is the kind of activities you would have in life. You don’t have your plans, but plans with your partner as well. You understand being there for each other.



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Ha, do I seriously need to convince you on this? You need cuddles, kisses, hugs, sex. It is not just a physical need of a person, but emotional as well.

Somebody who sees your faults


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Some wise quote suggests that the one who sees your faults, takes care of you. That person wants to make you a better person. And definitely help you in life. Also, it is not just a one-way thing, you get a chance to do it for your partner too.

Experience & growth


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