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Single & Looking Out For Some Fun? Here’s How…

A few days back, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine and the only topic she had to talk about was marriage. She wants a tall, dark, handsome, understanding, faithful, charming and what-not kind of a guy. Why not go and buy a Bourneville or Ferrero Rocher instead? I mean what is wrong with everyone? Isn’t the whole ‘marriage’ thing really scary? Come on guys! Marriage isn’t the only thing left in this world. You wanna know why?

Give time some time

Wait! You didn’t get that, did you? Na! Let me make it simple. Do you know yourself completely – your likes, dislikes, desires, everything? No? Well because the HRD Ministry didn’t really work on that. Anyway, take time to know yourself, after all, sun does spend some energy on you.

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Most-awaited roller coaster ride

Believe it or not, there’s nothing like sitting in the car with some lovely music on and taking a long drive to your favourite getaway destination. And come on, there must also be a dreamland where you have always wanted to land  at. Yes? Then go!


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Experience the ‘being broken’

Must have heard about that love thing when the guitar plays in the background, when the only thing you can feel is ‘love’ and of course all that mushy stuff. Yeah, that’s right. Feel it and let it break you. After all, it’s an experience!


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Do Aish but with cash

Let me put that straight: Get your finances in order. There’s no harm in believing the phrase ‘Zindagi ki Aish lo’ but aish ke liye cash bhi toh hona chahiye! It is better to focus on the career and making the most of it, especially when you are in your late twenties.


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Link to Existence

Yes, I’m talking about your beloved parents who are the foremost blackmailers to get you married. I would not get anymore sarcastic here; there is a responsibility that you have towards them. Accept it and fulfil it. Period.


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And then if at all, I missed out, about fulfilling those wild fantasies, then I’m really sorry! Watching Discovery or National Geographic can help. You know what I mean 😉

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