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Signs That A Woman Can Observe If A Man Is Falling For Her!

As women, it can be difficult for us to understand men and their thoughts when in a relationship. They always send mixed signals and gets really hard to tell when or whether a guy is falling in love with you. Khurki is going to give you signs that every woman can observe that he is falling in love with you.

When he smiles with you 🙂

With that twinkle in his eyes, he smiles with you and makes you happy in his company. Now whether it’s a caring smile or a flirty one, you have to find that out? (wink wink)

When he never leaves you wondering about anything

When a guy is not in love with a girl, he generally would not bother to clear doubts and leave you alone in a mess of your thoughts.

Wants to spend “his” time with you

If a your guy spends his time with you & takes you out to dinner more than he spends time clubbing with his friends, he may be in love with you.

Talks with you for long time

Majorly, guys do not like to talk even when they are upset. However, when they find a girl that they enjoy spending time with, they feel as if they could talk for a very long time.

He doesn’t act as if he controls you

When a guy acts as if he controls you, it is not love. But when he tells you that you are free to do what you want (just don’t date other guys), then this is a sign that he wants you to himself and is in love with you.

When he makes love

Sex and making love is different thing. If your guy makes love to you passionately, you will surely feel it and give it back automatically.

Keeps you updated

Giving every bit of information on his activities and where he will be, is not what every guy does. But it is completely a different matter with someone who really cares & loves his partner.

He tells you he loves you

If he tells you that he loves you, well then there is no confusion at all! Trust me, you are with a guy who is actually in love with you!

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!


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