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Signs That She Is Satisfied With You In Bed!

If you truly love your partner, you would definitely nurture her physical needs along with your relationship. So there is nothing wrong in getting an expert advise on whether your partner is satisfied with you in bed or not. But if you think we will give you some tips & tricks to give her more pleasure, you have certainly landed on a wrong page. This is just to help you evaluate, through the signs that she may give you, if your partner is satisfied with you.

Disclaimer: These are just simple signs, not always a result. Because you are having sex with a person not an algebraic equation. So they differ from person to person.

If she cries afterwards


Mind you, it’s the best sign. If she cries after an intense session of love making, she indeed is satisfied and you can be sure of your chemistry.

The hard effect


There can be other obvious reasons for hardened nipples, like nervousness or cold. Her physical involvement, the pushes and moaning prove that your woman is satisfied with you. At least with the sex part.

If she sleeps


This mostly happens in case of men, but there are women who show this yet another trait of being satisfied. Don’t think you were boring in bed that you put her to sleep. No! She simply loved the experience and her soul wants to absorb the experience, so let her take a nap.

The immediate cuddle

Source : Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Orgasm or no orgasm, if she tends to hug you super tight and gets her arms and legs clasped around your body, this is another sign that not only did she enjoy having the thing with you but she also loves you a lot.

Weak in the knees


If it takes her time to get out of bed or she’s unable to move her body and is lying all exhausted, your job is done buddy. Trust us, you have given her one good time. As shaky and weak legs are a sign that she just had one good SEX. You did it (Thumbs up)!

‘You were good’


Well, that’s the ultimate proof! If she admits and simply says it to your face. Of course, what else do you want? A certificate from state university about how good you are in bed?

There will be many more such signs, but we listed the most common of all the signs. If you had any luck, and you are good with her in bed. Stay good and best with her in others things in life as well. This is indeed a major part of your relationship, but there is much more to it.

Information Source Quora 

Cover Image Source: Menshealth.com

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