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Twelve Signs Your Roommate Is For Keeps!


Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

When you have to move into a flat or PG with a roommate who’s a complete stranger, many of us end up hating each other due to bad habits or various other reasons. But if you are really lucky, sometimes you strike gold and end up living with a really amazing kind of a person. So let’s take out some time to celebrate all the roommates who are also the best humans you ever met.

They will teach you basic home chores!

‘What’s that? Wait! You don’t know how to iron? Let me show you!

They won’t yell at you when you forget to do chores

Don’t take it light if they don’t nag you to do the chores…..everyone’s patience is limited so do return the favour on time.

And once you developed that bond, there is no problem yelling at each other without making it a big deal

Will you do your damn dishes and stop being a lazy assh*le?!

Kitchen & Bedroom Chats

If you and your roomie are really close, then you often find yourselves up unreasonably late, because you were having too much fun talking.

You do everything together

Be it eating, sleeping, watching TV or cooking – you do everything together. But among this, food sharing is a big part of your relationship. Anyone who shares food with you is always a true friend.

If you are having a meltdown, they are always there

Living away from home can be hard, especially in the beginning and having someone to take care of you is pretty amazing.

They also take care of you when you are out of money, or sick or drunk

If you can count on them to get you a glass of water, money, medicine and food when you get in from a big night out or when you are sick, you are onto a winner.

Image Source
Image Source

Clothing options get double

You are welcome to raid each other’s wardrobe, which means twice the options every day.

They help you with major life decisions

Always try to guide you on right path and motivate you to reach your goals and stick to your resolutions.

They get out of your way when you bring someone

Knowing when they are not wanted is a key feature of the flatmate bestie.

You miss them irrationally when she is out of town

You may enjoy the freedom of being alone for a few hours or days, but then miss them a lot.

And the other partner is also thrilled to get back to you

This is how you get lucky with the roommate lottery!


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