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Reality Check: 8 Signs That You Have An Inferiority Complex!


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Devashish Vaid
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Inferiority complex as per Google is “an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behaviour in compensation.”  A person with such complex unnecessarily makes life complicated for self and others. It is easy to judge those people and make remarks. But the reality is difficult to understand. Having that feeling that you are inferior to others in one form or the other might kill you as a person inside.

But if you have of such a complex, you should immediately consult someone who can help. Having an inferiority complex can be a hindrance in your professional or personal growth for that matter. For your help, here are some signs of having an inferiority complex that you must watch out for…

Blame Games

People with IC tend to blame others when it comes to flaws or mistakes. They make a bad team mate, as they would take credit for the good stuff. But simply blame others for the loss and even at times when they know it inside that they are at fault.

Inferiority Complex

Image Source iTimes

Secretly judgmental

They won’t talk about it or bitch about it, but they will judge you for it. Secretly, you judging anyone or everyone is also a sign of having IC.

Sensitive to Criticism

You appreciate them, love them, but dare not criticize them. They simply don’t take it in the right spirit. Because they don’t see it as a factor good for growth, but simply another ingredient added to low self worth.

Image Source Cosmopolitan

Comparison Lovers

They love to compare their life with that of the others. Having no idea that every single person has a different story or struggle in life. But they see and judge everyone with their own frame. And love to compare themselves with others, which brings them mostly the negative outcomes.

Social Media Triggers Feelings of Guilt, Jealousy, Shame

Social media has played an integral negative role in lives of people with psychological problems. Not just one but thousands of people are there for you to compare yourself and feel disgraced about it. Social media is food for your negativity in every form.

Image Source Huffington Post

Hide Flaws

Just for the fear of facing criticism they simply tend to hide their flaws. No matter how big a mistake, they tend to hide it as long and as much as possible.

Inferiority Complex

Image Source jamaicaobserver

Over Sensitive

They are over sensitive about everything in life. Even casual jokes can be a big insult for them. The other person with no such feelings can be a person to hate for a person with inferiority complex.


Always Consider Themselves Unwanted

Yet another major problem they face in all walks of life is the feeling of being unwanted. They always feel they are unwanted by colleagues, family & friends. And this seriously shatters their love for life.

Inferiority Complex

Image Source News18.com

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