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Did You Know All These Side Effects of Quitting Exercise?

Occasionally, every fitness freak thinks of quitting the gym, as maintaining the motivation to exercise and stay in shape is not easy. It requires strong determination and will power to put in an effort every day. Skipping your daily workout routine for one day won’t affect your body much, but suddenly quitting your exercise routine can drastically affect your body and mind, so dust of those men’s gym shorts and keep going, it’ll be worth it! Here’s what happens when you skip your regular workout sessions:

Your Strength Decreases

Quitting your daily workout routine won’t show overnight, but gradually your fitness levels will decline. Some will notice this decline after two weeks of inactivity, whereas in some cases they will see the difference after four weeks.


Your Blood Pressure Fluctuates

The most harmful and instant effect of skipping your regular workout regime is fluctuation in blood pressure, reason being on the days you hit the gym your blood pressure remains normal. But, the days you don’t exercise your blood pressure increases. Slowly within two weeks, your blood vessels adapt to the lazy lifestyle.


Your Blood Sugar Shoots up

Normally, when you eat food, the glucose level in your blood rises and drops when your body muscles and tissues consume the sugar for energy. But after 4-5 days of inactivity, your post-meal glucose level in blood remains high.

Source: pixorange

Heavy Palpitation

It’s obvious. People who don’t exercise, get tired fast. So, if a person who stops working out for 2 weeks will fight for normal breath even after climbing a few stairs. This happens because you lose mitochondria, which helps your muscles to convert oxygen into energy.

Source: menshealth

Your Muscles Shrivel

Once you quit regular exercise, your muscles suffer. You might even suffer from leg muscle cramps (to know more about this you could read blogs such as Cramps may seem to be something very trivial, but if not taken proper care, it can lead to injuries, if not treated on time. You will notice that your muscles have started to shrink within two weeks of skipping gym. It’s important to make a note that it takes longer to rebuild muscles which have turned into fat. If you have stopped working out due to an injury, do not fret. Although muscles do slowly turn into fat, when you get back into the gym wearing your Top Elbow Sleeve Compression, or whatever protective clothing you might need, you will soon see the muscles begin to form again. There is always a way to get back into enjoying fitness, even if you have become more inactive recently.


Your Belly Bulges Out

Within a week of quitting exercising you will notice your paunch returning because, your muscles lose their fat-burning ability and your metabolism also drops. Thus, resulting in weight gain.


Your Brain Function Suffers

Keeping aside the detrimental health effects of stopping regular workout routine, it also effects your brain functioning. Within two weeks, you will feel tired, irritated, and grumpy.


Your Mood Changes

We all have heard doctors and psychologists listing the benefits of maintaining regular exercise regime to improve your mood. Regular exercise suppresses the production of depression causing chemicals and release hormones that elevate mood.


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