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What Do You Think Of Siblings Who Still Share Their Bed?

There’s nothing wrong with siblings sharing a bed. Moreover, nowadays everybody is so busy in his/her life that the cosy relationships find themselves on the backburner. When you talk about youngsters, they are mostly running to other cities for better career options and leaving their homes. So moments like sharing beds is the only quality time for them when they can share their experiences, their life and sometimes their crushes. And these are the moments that stay with you throughout your life.

It’s fun

Sharing a bed is not awkward always. In fact, it’s fun. We irritate each other, protect each other and yes, sometimes we fight like cats and dogs, but at the end we care for each other.


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Best sharing time

It’s the best suited to share things which you can’t when you are busy with your routine life – be it college, work or friends. Those late night gossips are actually fun.


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Your safety guard

Just imagine those dark silent nights and then those lizards in your room, so you actually need them for your safety.


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Best morale boosters

They know everything about you, so you can share everything with them. They can boost you by solving your problem and help you to have a sound sleep.


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Until privacy factor creeps in

Actually, there is no set pattern or even no need for a separate room unless either of you need to explore your own privacy.


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First best friends are your siblings

You feel very comfortable with them, no insecurity, no barriers and the best part is you know them inside out so no doubts also.


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A helping hand

Mostly nights are considered as study hours and especially when it’s exams time, the elder ones are seriously a major helping hand in understanding various difficult topics and solving those horrible maths problems.


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Small fights

Fights like who will sleep on the right side of the bed. Don’t try to come to my side, who’s gonna switch off the lights, this is my pillow, etc. These sweet memories will always bring a smile on your face.


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