Here’s Why We Need To Understand The Importance Of 20s!


‘Stop chopping vegetables or planning your future sitting at home’. Your parents won’t really tell you THIS. Yes, 20 isn’t really a number this time, but an age too, something similar to time…It’s NEVER going to come back! Explore the unexplored, because ’20’ is THE AGE!

Importance of 20s

Though there’s no age bar, but at the same time, things learned at an early age are always of great importance.

There’s no ‘Later in Life’

There really isn’t a ‘waiting time’ to complete something you always wanted to. Later in life, you might not get all the opportunities and freedom that you have now.

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It’ll be the best party

No stress, No responsibilities, Nothing. ’20s’ at its best.

Life gets hard

For a youngster, life gets hard with time and struggles begin. You never know what’s ahead. No one after all says the ride was going to be easy.

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Right age to make memories

Because when you re-unite, you’ll need something to cherish. You’ll not be empty handed.

Responsibilities get you in

Time and age bring responsibilities and the ‘adventurous’ life is slowly becomes a ‘day dream’.

Start pursuing your passion

Passionate about something? Initiate it before you settle down.

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Learning is a part of life

You can’t really learn much unless you try new things. It always helps, do not waste your time sitting at home.

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You’re not entitled to anything

There’s no special treatment. Things most likely change when you grow up.

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Friend circle changes

Your college friends might not be with you after you settle down. And everybody knows that anything done with best friends is forever!

It’s ok to feel lost

It’s okay to get lost and try out new and undiscovered things in life. Do not hesitate, keep your faith because new learnings and experiences are a natural fallout of age.

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