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We Have The Shopping Guide For India For You!

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India is a vast country and each region has its unique specialties. There are items, which are unique to each state and should figure on your must-have list the next time you are travelling or looking to shop. But we just made life easy for you. We have for you today a unique region-wise shopping guide.


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The state is a shoppers delight, as it has so much to offer.

Shop for: Blue pottery, semi precious gems, papier-mâché puppets, brass goods and hand made paintings. Shoes for men that curl up right at the end!


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This beautiful state has some unique things to offer.

Shop for: Sandal wood items, incense and sandal wood carvings.

Uttar Pradesh

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This massive state will need your time and patience, so come prepared. But please be wary of touts.

Shop for: Marble goods in Agra, leather products in Kanpur, silk saris in Varanasi.


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Once you have your fill of the sun and the sand, then do some crazy shopping here.

Shop for: Fenni and carry some bottles for your friends, hippie clothes, hand made bead jewellery, cashews, pearls and other gem stones.


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If you want to go back with some fancy footwear then this is the state for you.

Shop for: Leatherwear as in chappals or sandals and the Kohlapuris from Pune. From Aurangabad buy Himroo weaves and bedsheets. Gold thread sarees from Paithan.

West Bengal

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The land of ‘mach’ and puchka also offers you plenty of choice in shopping.

Shop for: Terracotta wares, wall hangings, and figurines. From Kolkata, you can buy all kinds of musical instruments. And from Darjeeling, you can buy some of the finest tea in the world.


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This state too has a long and old history of crafts and will surprise you for sure.

Shop for: Folk art paintings, Madhubani paintings and other handicrafts.

Himachal Pradesh

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This hilly state is known for its woollen goods and pleasant weather.

Shop for: Woollen shawls, caps and capes. From Dharamsala, you can buy Buddhist meditation bowls, prayer beads and brass stuff. From Kangra, you can buy plantation tea.


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This beautiful state is on every travellers list.

Shop for: Hand-made Persian carpets, leather boots,papier-mâché items, wooden furniture screens and tables. You can also buy saffron and dry fruits from here.


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The state of Punjab is vibrant with colours and warm and most inviting.

Shop for: Phulkari suits and shawls, bedspreads. Buy local spices and wooden ware.

Tamil Nadu

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This is the land of polite and educated Indians, who have loads of style and class.

Shop for: Do not leave the state without buying Kanchipuram (Kanjeevaram) saris, but be wary of fakes. From Thanjavur, you can buy paintings in gold foil of Gods and Goddesses.


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This small but significant state has some very unique shopping options.

Shop for: Very intricate silver jewellery, tribal handicrafts and jewellery. In Cuttack, you will get filigree work, besides cloth paintings, woodcarvings and toys.



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