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Shed These Stupid Arguments Against LGBT This 15th Aug!


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Priya Aurora
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While the world is planning to build colonies on mars, some of us are still stuck in our web of strange logic when it comes to the LGBT community. Don’t be an ostrich, whenever you will open eyes they will be there. It’s high time we shed our inhibitions and accept them as a part of our society.

Some of the arguments that you give against them makes no sense at all. Please drop them this 15th August and free yourself.

1. They are going against nature

And what are you? Nature’s appointed expert. If making love to create a life is being with nature, then couples who have no children are also against Mother Nature too.

God loves me....

Stop being a hypocrite !!

2. What if the whole world turns LGBT?

Being gay or a lesbian is not a disease. So if you friend is one, you don’t need to be one too.


Grow up !!

3. Can’t go against the Indian society

We did not appoint any individuals to form the rules of the society. Same sex relationships have been around since time immemorial.

Spread Love .

Next logic please!!

4. It is a psychological disorder!

If you thought that the world was created to make making love and having babies convenient for men and women, then you need to step out of your well please. Being homosexual is not a disease.



5. Being homosexual can cause AIDS

If that is the logic, then India and Africa have the largest LGBT community in their countries. AIDS is caused by unprotected sex, don’t blame the community for it.


6. It is a cardinal sin

What is a sin and what is not is a debatable topic. Khurki thinks that the biggest sin would be to deny an individual his freedom to be himself.

Freedom to IGBT

Live and Let Live!

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