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He Shares His Story When He Made His Dad Cry, Get A Tissue Before You Click!


Yes, no matter what part of the world you are living in, men are not suppose to cry. It is often taken for granted that men are not suppose to be crying, as it is considered weak. Let’s be clear on one thing, crying is the attribute of the strong, weak people always hide their tears.

But here the story is not breaking any gender stereotypes but about a confession. Story of just another that will surely melt your heart. At times life gives us moments that we take them with us forever. Moments that you take with yourself to your grave. Such moment was given by a guy named Han to his father. He asked his father if he ever made him cry, and the answer was “once”.

That is like a verse tome, so many emotions in just few lines. Like me many others were moved with this story of Han. People started sharing there own stories on internet:

No Words!



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