Shahid Kapoor Wedding Card Was Designed By Him! So Thoughtful!

Mira And Shahid Kapoor wedding card has been in news ever since the wedding was decided.

First, it was how there would be no wedding card. Then, stuff about the first wedding card going to Shahid’s ex Kareena Kapoor. Now, everyone is going gooeey-hearted at the fact that Shahid took very keen interest in the final wedding card design. 

But, do you know how the card came along? 

The card was designed by Ravish Kapoor, the man behind the IIFA invitations. Ravish & Shahid met during IIFA days, and discussed about the card thing right back then.

Here’s What Raveesh said about Shahid’s involvement in the card:

Shahid Kapoor

So very sweet and thoughtful, Shahid!