We all have sexual fantasies! See if yours match with Khurki’s list…

sexual fantasies

Indian cinema and television both are trying their best to bring in innovations. That’s why we have serials like Pehredaar Piya Ki, Naagin etc. I mean what level of fantasy are they trying to address? Only they know. But the Hollywood world has a lot more to give when compared to Bollywood. Would it be wrong on our part if we say that we all have certain sexual fantasies and only Hollywood movies live up to our expectations? Not a bad judgment, right? We’re all up for trying out something new, but sometimes it’s fun to live through what we see on our tv screens, and Hollywood seems to be free with its exploration of what sex is and how it can affect a person both internally and externally. It is great to see that on the big screen, and maybe it will motivate you to speak to someone like Jasmine at E-sensory so you can explore your own sexual identity and fantasies. So here we are with a list of some erotic movies that will cater to your sexual fantasies. And let us be clear they are erotic, not porn. It’s Art.


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Who doesn’t want a hot Secretary? This movie released in 2002 talks about a patient recovering from mental issues. The whole story changes when Lee gets a job of a secretary to an esteemed lawyer, she turns this professional relationship into a sexual mode. Rest you must see. Many Babestation fans undoubtedly fantasize about Lori being their secretary after seeing her live on camera.


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With each passing day of their relationship, Murphy and Electra cross all limits and get extremely charged up. Released in the year 2015, the outlandish addiction of this couple pushes them to experiment more and more, eventually making the whole equation more puzzled.


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A movie released in 2000 with the new era narrated the story of a man who never repeated sexual escapades with the same people more than once. But Ari’s one night stand gets a kick when he meets an attractive woman and wants to surrender to her completely.

Blue is the Warmest Colour

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The movie came up in 2013 wherein Adele is confused about her sexuality and tries being with a man to understand how she feels. But when a blue-haired girl walks into her life, transformation takes place. Soon they start dating and can’t get enough of each other, only to break their hearts in the end.

Cold Showers

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Sports is what leads to sex, according to this movie. Cold Showers released in the year 2005 shares the story of Michael and Clement. Michael who loses his spot in the Judo team because of Clement. They still become friends and hang out together. The drama takes off when Michael invites Clement to join in the romance he shares with his girlfriend.

Killing Me Softly

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A woman sacrifices her relationship when she comes across an attractive man who seems to be a celebrity mountaineer. He seduces her like she has never been earlier. The movie goes back to the year 2002.

Room in Rome

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Taking the intimacy between two women to a whole new level is what this movie released in 2010 is all about. A Spanish woman falls madly in love with a woman she meets on her last day in Rome. They embark on a steamy voyage of exploring one another in a hotel room. Secrets are revealed and the intimacy brings them closer. But does it have a good ending? No Idea!

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Sex and Lucia

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Living up to your fantasies might take you to some other world altogether. Lucia runs off to a remote island after she believes her depressed writer boyfriend, Lorenzo, killed himself. There she meets two people who are connected to Lorenzo’s past. Later, Lucia doesn’t know what’s real or true.

The Dreamers

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Released in 2003, taking a dig over the time period of Paris revolution, there begins a turbulent threesome with an agenda of its own. Everything changes in no time when a brother and sister welcome a student into their lives.

The Duke of Burgundy

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Story that narrates the journey of two women who indulge in kinky foreplay and sex that almost ends with a punishment for one. Taking the term pleasure to a whole new level Cynthia imagines a more normal relationship. Their collective obsession takes them further than they ever imagined.


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Often a women takes the whole story with a flow. Malena that released in the year 2000 shares the story of a bond between Renato, a 13 year old boy from an Italian town and a young war widow named Malena. She’s the desire of every man. But as a story builds up, she changes Renato’s life forever.


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Brandom is a great looking and successful bachelor in New York. He seems to have the perfect life but hides the fact that he’s a sex addict. What all he does to fulfil his fantasies. You need to see it.


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Jay and Claire meet weekly to hook up. As things get to the next level, Jay begins to think about the woman and wants to know her more. But his curiosity gets in the way of their perfect arrangement and things work out different altogether thereafter.

Nymphomaniac: I & II

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Seligman discovers a woman lying beaten up on a roadside and escorts her back to his home. She’s a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who starts telling him about her life and her fantasy world.

Now we guess you have had enough to feed your imagination, or if you haven’t found what you’re quite looking for yet, you could read more into different sexual fantasies and punishments!

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