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Pssst, Revealing Some Secrets Of Men! Don’t Think Naughty…

Men can’t deny these secrets of their community because they do it. Yes, they also do those long long discussions and telephonic conversations when it comes to sharing life, sharing memories, sharing experiences and a lot more and sharing is a part of human life. But if you don’t share, then I’m sorry I will doubt whether you are really human? And there’s nothing like more or less because when women talk they are termed as “gossiping women” and when men do the same thing, it is very conveniently termed “talking”. And if you are keen to know about the secrets of men, then take at look at these things that KHURKI is going to tell you here.

The Hottest Girl Around

Now this is one of the main secrets of men that most of them talk about the new hot girl in society or in the office.

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Latest Gadgets

Gadgets! The only zone of a mall that all men will be excited about. They talk about latest gadgets like crazy, as if they will own it the next moment. Men and gadgets is a combination like kala khatta gola.

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Future Plans

Being the so-called earning person of the family, Mr Responsible has a lot to discuss about the future plans. And in case they don’t want their ego to be shattered, they would rarely discuss it with you but more with their chaddi buddies. And think again if you think they don’t gossip.

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Serious Discussions About Marriage Plans

Well, this is actually something that they will be scared and not confident about and they prefer to discuss their doubts, fears, excitements with those friends who have experienced or are still experiencing it.
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Action in Movies

Yes, men are movie buffs especially when it comes to action. Sometimes, they love to talk about hot actresses too.

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Breakups And Heartaches

Men also carry a heart and feel the pain too! So whenever they find a group of friends and when they are drunk, their painful relationships are the topics of discussion.


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Discussions About Boss

Frustrated from work and work place, most of the men do talk about their bosses behind their backs and all that is happening in and around work to help themselves relax and chill.

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Not To Forget Whatsapp groups!

The biggest proof that men are also into gossiping at the same level as women are, are their Whatsapp groups. Men can’t get themselves out of it and like women, you will find the same groups on a man’s mobile too.

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Sports, especially wrestling, boxing and cricket, is one of the things that Indian men love to enjoy. They talk about the game and yeah not to forget video games.

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