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Why School Time Was The Best Time Of Our Lives!


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now 😉

Don’t really know what kind of experiences you had in your high school! But, I personally believe that it’s probably the best phase of everyone’s life; be it good or bad.

Every individual, at various points in life, does miss the to-be-surely-missed love of life called SCHOOL.

Collective memories from school will definitely make you go through your own written film which’ll be super-duper-hit, till your last breath or even after death. ‘Ahhh, that was the best part of life, wish I could get it back….’ is one of the popular statements heard on discussing the topic but sadly my friend, the reality is painful.

Be it the round of junior block, a glimpse of our first crush which made the day, the school bus/van which probably was a cinema for onlookers…’ and much more.

The bag of memories is what we’ll carry along throughout our lives which kind of becomes emotional, when opened.

Trust KHURKI, you still belong to your school if you find these touchy:

Stealing and eating friends’ food


The ‘games’ period was no less than touching a cloud


Who all remember their first bunk?


The only love – ‘first crush’

maxresdefault (1)

That ‘throwing the chalk but behaving as you didn’t’ game


Those daily meals – Punishments

Murga Position

That yearly ban for math classes


Bullying juniors brought the feel of seniority


That ashamed face after Hindi teacher caught the ‘love letter’


Daily spine-chilling destination – Principal’s office

Wrists covered with your ‘Romeo Juliets’ name


‘Out of the class’ – because you never cared to bring the craft material

maxresdefault (2)

‘Zero-cross’ game has always been a perfect timepass thing

Zero Cross-Khurki.net

That weekly call to your home for ‘spiky hairstyle’


‘Which colour you want?’ – The game which made everyone stay


The facewash used before the class photo


That moment when your ‘cool group’ stood behind you


When you whistled in the library and your best friend got punished


Parent-teacher meeting was nothing but ‘parents-turned-murderers’


The last day of school was the most emotional one


Nothing from this world can bring back the memories and the feelings we’ve had all this while and most importantly, the friends you grew up with. No matter how far you go and how long it’s been, school is one such FOREVER thing that you can’t forget.

Even reunions can’t give you the time you’ve already been through and what’s left are precious memories!

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