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Satinder Satti Clarifies On Truck Drivers’ Allegation! Facts Misreported?


Amneet Kaur
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A news story published by Punjab Mail California involving Satinder Satti has created a controversy.

According to Punjab Mail, Satinder Satti has said that all the people in USA were under depression and didn’t spare much time for fun.

She was also quoted as saying that truck drivers in the US were uneducated and rarely took shower. Moreover, they always try to fix up their marriage proposals with educated girls back in Punjab.

After reading Satinder Satti’s comments, truck drivers got extremely angry and threatened to boycott Satti unless she apologised.

Help was at hand as another reporter from California Husan Ladon clarified on behalf of Satti. He said that Satinder Satti was only trying to advocate for equality in marriages. Besides, Satti was only highlighting the plight of the truck drivers that they weren’t able to take showers because of their busy and tough schedules on road, he said.

He also said that the confusion occurred due to wrong choice of words in the article.

Here is the video wherein Satinder Satti has apologised for being misunderstood and left the decision onto the discerning people.

Check it out:

So, the lesson we learn from such incidents is that never jump to conclusions. Verify facts before reacting…

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