Why Christmas & Santa Claus Is More Fun For Kids!


From magic reindeer dust to jingle bells and a runway for Santa Claus! These ideas are bound to put a smile on any kid’s face. Isn’t it true that when you were a child, Christmas Eve was THE most exciting day of the year!

Can you remember the feeling of going to bed so excited that you were unable to sleep. Waiting for that small noise that would signal the arrival of Santa Claus?

The magic of Christmas seems to reduce the older you get. Now it’s just a nice day. But when we were younger, Christmas was life…….

Get the kid in you back and get nostalgic with kids’ way of celebrating Christmas:

Christmas celebrations at school

Wow! Great fun. Loads of food, music and more importantly no work just celebrations all around. And also the gift exchange at school. A little tip, if you are shopping for gifts for your kids you could look at options like personalised jigsaw puzzle which you can find on any online sites or local stores.

Holiday break

What better way for kids to ring in Christmas and New Year than with the family!

Shopping with parents

Staring longingly at rectangle boxes of chocolate buttons and variety boxes whenever going shopping with your parents. YUM.

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Waking up every morning and rushing down the stairs to open your advent calendar was the first thing you did everyday. Let’s count down to Christmas!

Making Christmas wish list

Christmas wish list with kids made holidays more special. Tell our kids they get to make a Christmas list that includes “Something they want, something they need, something they wear, something they read”.

Putting up the tree

When one has children, holidays such as Christmas become a magical time full of wonder and excitement. Kids really enjoy decorating Christmas tree. Fighting over who gets to put the star on top and dancing around is so much fun.

Christmas eve

Not being able to sleep because you are excited that Santa is going to come.

And the Christmas morning

Running downstairs to see your mountains of presents under the tree and feeling smug and comparing sizes with your sibling.

For me watching kids enjoying Christmas was a trip down memory lane. I miss my school days 🙁

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“hvr”>trip down memory lane. I miss my school days 🙁

Also read: Here’s What You Should Cook For Your Christmas Party!

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