Salman Khan Robbed By His Fans! Really?


He is always surrounded by the best and the handsomest of security walas but what just happened would shock you as well.

Salman Khan ROBBED by his girl fans..!!

Wtf..but that’s true!

Salman Khan recently stepped out for an evening at a popular nightclub in Bandra. A group of girls approached him as his fans and he made a point to spend some time with them. While leaving, he left his wallet, sunglasses and his favourite Bajrangi Bhaijaan pendant on a table nearby but on returning he found that the girls had fled with his belongings..!!

O beta..chaaalu..!!

Salman Khan’s sister has denied any such incident but looks like daal mein kuchh to kala hai. Recently, when Salman was seen at his film’s promo release, he had a huge security contingent with him…I guess we know why right..??

He even confessed that Mumbai is not a safe city any more.

Well, I am sure if such people can be robbed, then agreeing with Salman won’t be wrong..!!

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