Any Idea What The Saat Pheras In Hindu Wedding Mean?


The typical Hindu wedding happens in the presence of close family and friends. The bride and groom are required to take seven vows, each one more beautiful and meaningful than the other. An age-old method to seal the marriage in the presence of the holy fire, a commitment for life. And the vows are ever so special, since the couple has to circle the fire after every vow. While some people might want to hurry up this part of the wedding, we urge you to go slow, let each vow sink in and then move on. This way, you will remember it for life.

Phera #1

The couple prays to the Gods for nourishment and seeks blessings that their life is never short of money and food. The groom vows to provide for his family and they commit to work as a team.

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Phera #2

In this phera, the couple vow to stay united at every level, emotional, mental and spiritual. They promise to love each other till eternity. They seek blessings from the Gods to help them live as one.

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Phera #3

In the third vow, the couple seeks prosperity and wealth. They don’t just seek materialistic, but spiritual wealth too. They also seek blessings in order to bring up their children and make them good human beings. In the end, they pledge loyalty to each other.

Phera #4

In this phera, the couple vows to keep the family together and live up to the family values. The groom accepts and invites his bride to his family, while she vows to love them like her own. They promise to give each other space and love.

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Phera #5

The couple next prays to the Gods to bless them with noble and strong children. They promise to be good parents, provide for their children and give them education and the right set of values.

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Phera #6

The couple prays to God to give them a disease-free and healthy life. They seek strength in order to fulfill their duties and have a joyful life. They pledge to live a life that is noble and honest.

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Phera #7

In this final phera, they commit to trust and love each other. They vow to stand by each other for life and trust each other come rain or sunshine. They simply seek a magical sweetness to fill their lives.

At the end of the day every religion teaches us to love, respect and trust each other. Not that tough, if you think about it.

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Aratrika Atwal
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