Russell Brand Talks About The Drug Called Pornography!


Yes, this is not something really very unique someone is talking about. Here, Russel Brand talks about the drug called pornography from websites like fuckedgay. I know you have seen such videos before as well. But hell yeah, when Russell Brand talks about something – you better listen. This man, who is known for his concern towards the world, is making quite a sensible and valid point. These days where this industry is making hollow people. Yes, you read that right – the industry is making people hollow. Not only those who are working out there for them but also those who are watching these videos every day. Of course there is a balancing act. Many people involved with the industry, such as Danni Harwood, aren’t suffering from this. But there are a lot of areas which cause people issue within this industry. Some are worried that there is a lack of body diversity in porn, that it features too many young actors with cosmetic surgery or men who have undergone flash diets to contour their muscles. The concern is that it relays an impossible perfect standard to viewers, causing them to feel their own bodies are not good enough. Whilst and similar niche pornography categories feature other body types, some feel more needs to be done.

It cannot be denied that porn can bring people a lot of pleasure, and to eradicate pornography completely would not be necessarily beneficial. Even if you don’t want to quit watching sexfreehd porn, here it is what you should definitely know about what it is doing to you. Watch the video by Russel below to see how his experiences have shaped his views on pornography.

Russell Brand Talks About Drug Called Porn!

If still not convinced, here’s another video of Bree Olson talking about her struggle after quitting the porn industry, where she could make 30-40 thousand dollars per month.

Struggle Saga of Bree Olson!


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