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Royal Families Who’re Struggling To Make Two Ends Meet!


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The flamboyant lifestyle of royalty in India has become a thing of the past. Over the years, the living standards of these royal families has deteriorated considerably. Once the Privy Purse was established, everybody became equal in the eyes of law. While the smart ones got on to the wagon on time and became politicians and businessmen, others are trying to survive. Here are some of royalty and their stories:

Osman Ali Khan

The Last Nizam, Hyderabad

Image Source
Image Source

He was once the richest royalty in the world, but now his descendants are struggling. But the Nizam had a flaw; he had a fetish for women. He had eighty-six mistresses and fathered hundred bastards. Presently there are 400 legal heirs to his fortune.

Raja Brajraj Kshatriya Birbar Chamupati Singh

Mahapatra of Tigiria

Image Source
Image Source

There came a time when he was forced to sell his palace to pay off his debts. He now lives at the mercy of villagers. He is a descendant of the royal family of Odisha. In their good times, they had two dozen cars and a fleet of servants to take care of them. From King to pauper.

Sultana Begum

Wife of the great grandson of Bahadur Shah Zafar

Image Source
Image Source

Till the time her husband was alive all was good. Once he died, she was left alone to feed her six children on measly pension.

The Scindias of Gwalior

The family that wanted the treasure to last forever.

Image Source
Image Source

The family has a massive history and loads of mystery too. They say that Maharaja Jayajirao Scindia died without passing on the location of the treasure to his son Madhav Rao. For many years, the family lived in oblivion. Then Madhav Rao cracked the puzzle, liquidated the treasure and now they are happy and living like royalty.

Ziauddin Tucy

Descendant of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor

Image Source
Image Source

He is the last surviving Mughal, but that’s the only thing royal in his life, Otherwise he lives in a rented house and survives on a very small pension.

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