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All The Romantic Things That Can Be Done In Pune Next Time!

Pune is good for yummy food, lovely parks, adventure and for romance. If you have just started dating and are looking for good options, then read on. There is something for everyone here.

6 Plan some indulgence at the spas

The city is home to some of the finest spas in the country. You can choose from luxurious high-end locations to normal day spas. Book a fancy therapy for your date and you.

5 Have some dessert at La Bouchee d’Or

If you have sweet teeth then head here for some original pastries and mout watering desserts. You can also plan a breakfast date and hog on some freshly baked breads.

4 Order some chocolates at Fantasie Fine Chocolate

The joint ranks high in producing some of the finest chocolates in the country. If you want to see how chocolate paradise looks, then head here now. Impress your date by ordering her a small hamper from here.

3 Have a meal at Paasha

If you want to check out the city from the top, then this famous restaurant offers you an aerial view of Pune. It is located on the 24th floor of Marriott. You can dine out at the open-air terrace.

2 Have a Sunday brunch at Dario’s

Dario’s is the place to be if you want to have a fancy meal, with a chic crowd. The food is worth every penny that you pay for it and the service world class. Dress casually and just mingle with the crowd.

1 A Mediterranean meal at Olive Bistro in Pune

If you like to try global cuisines, this restaurant is a must for you. The food is immensely creative and the ambience warm and welcoming. Their drinks menu needs a special mention as it is most interesting and extensive.

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