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Do You Know These Rocking Female DJs Of India?

If you thought India only has successful male entrepreneurs, then you need to check your facts again. India has produced some of the most amazing and talented female DJs in the last decade. It is safe to say that these talented women know a thing or two about spinning hot tracks using only the best dj equipment. It is crazy to think that many of these DJs started out with nothing and didn’t have anyone backing them with their career choice and now they are well-known professional DJs. They would begin by having to get different financing to be able to achieve their dreams such as dj equipment finance, which allowed them to become the DJs they are today. In fact, there were so many DJs on our list that we could not cover them all in one go.

Female DJs

For all those who love partying, here’s our list of India’s top female DJs:

1. DJ Rink

Female DJs

She is fondly called Rink. She is the one who plays all the music in the famous IPL parties. Well if that’s not all, then lemme tell you that she just became an overseas star too.

2. DJ Paroma

Female DJs

She is undoubtedly the reigning queen of spins. She too plays in IPL but has a long list of die-hard followers globally.

3. DJ Shireen

Female DJs

She is that one DJ you hire when you want an out of the world experience of EDM hits and progressive music.

4. DJ Angel

Female DJs

She is one of the most famous music sensations of our country. She has been making history since 2007. You just have to listen to her once to get hooked to her style of music.

5. DJ Suparna

Female DJs

She comes from a musical family and that greatly helps her in her profession. This female DJ can play a large number of instruments and is one of the most respected female DJs in India.

6. DJ Barkha

Female DJs

She is a well-established name in New Delhi and has the talent to set any music floor on fire. She is very fond of mixing Bollywood tracks and you won’t find a slot for at least the next three years..!!

Seeing this list, I have a sense of pride in the way Indian girls are progressing in various professions. Typically, DJing certainly has not been one of the most obvious professions in India, especially for females.

Kudos Girls!!

Priya Aurora
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