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Robert Downey Jr Has All The Right Answers!

Robert Downey Jr has always the right things to say. We love his wit, sarcasm, and humor. And we totally adore him when he is Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit.

At Khurki, we wonder where Robert gets his charm. But we sure know that life hasn’t been easy on him. For somebody who was fed marijuana by his own dad at the age of 6, he has come a long way. But we are sure proud of him, that he has been sober since 2003.

So when paparazzi asks he always has the smartest answers to give. Have a look at some of his finest remarks.

1. Why haven’t you get any Oscar yet?

He said – If I stick around long enough, they would run out of people to give.


2. When he was asked if Hugh Grant resembles him?

The reply – Hugh Grant is a dick and always was. And that is the only similarity he has with me.

3. When he was asked about his stand on doping?

He perfectly described it as a loaded gun. And it’s for people who like the taste of metal.

4. Why was he so fabulous on screen?

He shut the critics by saying that he knew very little about acting. And he was an expert at faking.

5. On how he to manages to stay sane and normal?

Fantastic reply – I do not intend to be a hero to my son. I just want to be a good human being. That’s a tough job anyway.

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