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The Rishi Rich Project ft. Jay Sean & Juggy D – ‘Freak’

On Repeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat..!!

This shit is crazy man…a good song after a long long time…love the beats and Jay Sean..


I Loooove You..!!!

Here’s the track for you…

In an exclusive Gupshup with DESIblitz, Rishi explains:

“We were all in different places. Jay was in the US, Juggy went to India, and I upped and moved from London to America. We were all working on our own things.”

FREAK combines the individual musical talent of the three artists. Fans can expect RnB tones from the smooth and silky voice of Jay Sean mixed in with the Punjabi folk rock of Juggy D on a backdrop of British Asian beats provided by Rishi.

Though I feel a little David Guetta feel to this song, but who minds as long as it’s groovy..!!

Ye gaana sunte hee I become an ostrich..meri gardan aese hee hilti hai jaise ostrich ki chalte hue hilti hai..ROTFL!!

Here’s a song by the trio which came nearly 12 years ago…wooooooooooo…

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Team Khurki
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