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And, Rimi Sen Finally Evicted From BB9!! Sigh Of Relief!

As we all know, Bollywood diva Rimi Sen has been unhappy, very unhappy, living in the Bigg Boss House since she entered. Each day she ranted ‘Mujhe Ghar Jana Hain’ ‘Mujhe Ghar Jana Hain’ and made fun of the show in the most hilarious way possible.

But irony of the fact remains that even though she didn’t want to stay in the House for even a single day, she lasted seven weeks. Seven weeks in the show with no participation, no team unity in the house and having done nothing that can be remembered by anyone ‘coz she almost became annoying over time.

Even though she had been wanting to leave, her ploy became evident to everyone when Bigg Boss opened the doors of the House for anyone who wanted to leave. And, Rimi didn’t take the option! Like earlier, she showed disregard to the rules and regulations of BB9 House.

But that’s it! One of the most boring contestants ever on Bigg Boss game is on her way out tonight!

Rimi Sen is finally going to be evicted from the show. In today’s episode, host Salman Khan will ask Rimi to join him on stage as she had garnered least votes this week!  So, no more boring Rimi Sen.

Yaaayyyy!! Rimi Sen what a waste of such a big opportunity!!

Or is it? Maybe that was the plan!!

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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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