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Excuses To Give If Asked About Relationship Status!



Hoping your reason is not here? Hit NEXT

Are you single? If you take more than 2 seconds to answer this then you’re lying to people because telling them about your ‘relationship status’ might get them forming an image of yours? Chill! It happens with everyone… Well, if you think you can fool people with some of these typically-used excuses, think again. And when you are thinking, think of something interesting, something that defines your single-hood. A word of advice from Khurki – please avoid these…

Single life is happier

Don’t you think you are cursing yourself for this? I mean, for giving this answer which itself hurts you so much within. AVOID IT!


No time, too busy

Well it’s to the contrary. Actually you’re not worth anyone’s time. But don’t be afraid, go tell them truth. LOL!
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I’m no good at relationships

Even if you haven’t been in any of the…ahh I forgot, relationship is the word, right?

Once bitten, twice shy

This reason might be genuine and true, but only to YOU. As it is, ‘I’m heartbroken’ is the most-often used excuse.

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Don’t want to be controlled!

Wtf…it’s your life and you have all the control over it. Value your life and don’t let someone think otherwise.
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Afraid of commitment

In any case, this won’t justify the cause of being single. Go on and find someone for there’s a will there’s a way.
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Enjoy being single…

That means you had a bad experience… You’ll seriously do well if you share your story and move on!

Didn’t get anyone worth you?

*Laughs everywhere* So did THEY!

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All are booked

This happens – when you’re single, you see happy couples and when you’re a couple, you see happy singles. Answers to be changed.

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Single doesn’t means alone

Ya, it doesn’t but somewhere in that extreme corner of the heart, it does. You know it very well.


Focused on my goals

Oh really? I don’t think your mates can be convinced because they know you better.

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Love myself, don’t need anyone else

Really? Then ‘Best of luck’ is the word for you for your lifetime.


Relationships aren’t forever

There are plenty of people you can’t talk about only one side of the coin. So better leave your past and move on to get your future that is made for you only!

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Loyalty is just lost!

Well, with this answer you’ll have to get them convinced by sharing your story too.

parents lie


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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