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Hey Gal, Some Hints Your Relationship Is Headed For The Splitsville!


Manisha Jessani
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Girls who have been in a relationship will know that it’s the most blissful feeling, an overflow of happiness and joy. But, but, but, sometimes we get so consumed in how and what we feel that we tend to ignore our partner’s behaviour. We get so caught up in our feelings that we ignore the subtle changes in our relationship. If you have recently felt that your man is going off the track, here are some hints to help you look at the situation from outside:

He is maintaining distance

Being distant is an obvious sign of unhappiness and ignorance but it’s not easy to figure out. At times, the source of distance may be something else and it’s not at all related to the relationship. However, if suddenly your partner starts keeping distance, it can be an indication there’s a problem between you two.


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He picks up fights

All couples fight or argue on small points and they are common in every relationship. But, if you notice your partner starts to fight on all trivial issues, it’s time to pay attention. If you feel you can’t keep your point of view without your boyfriend getting angry, there is chance your relationship could be headed for the Splitsville. Save it before it is too late.


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He is hypercritical

When you notice it’s hard to please your boyfriend and he is always cranky about things you do, it’s an indication that he is not happy with you. There is a chance he may be unhappy about his work or any other issue, but if his focus of dissatisfaction is you and only you, it means he is trying to push you away.


Source: http://www.dpaki.com/

He starts ignoring you

Couples prefer to spend their weekends with each other, but if you notice him cancelling or not making any plans together it means he is shutting you out. If he does this sometimes, it is okay – after all we all need some alone time with friends. But, if he does this more often than not, it’s a sign that he is unhappy with you.


Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/

He is aloof and uncommunicative

Good communication is the key to a successful relationship and between couples and it’s more than talking. It can be a look you give each other or a daily ritual like having breakfast together. However, if you notice your man is being unresponsive to you or is acting indifferently, there is a possibility he is not into you any more or the relationship.


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If you see any of these signs, don’t wish them away. REACT!

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