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Recently Been Proposed? Here’s What You Should Do!



Love keeps us happy only when it is mutual otherwise it hurts and that too – A Lot!!

One-sided love is always hard to manage. “Every heart sings a song, incomplete , until another heart whispers back.”

To lead a happy life you need to make him realize how you feel; if your feelings are disturbing you and talking about them is the only way to remain calm then making a love proposal is the best way forward.

Having someone fall for you is one hell of a task but well…atleast it’s worth a try!


If someone has recently proposed to you then we suggest that take your time and then make your decision. Now that you’ve made your decision then try to put in your best and do make these following efforts to keep your partner happy and in love with you forever :

Love him more than you think you can


So that one fine day he realises that he had made the right decision by loving you and confessing his love for you!

Keep him happy


Make him enjoy your company and become the best of friends!

Shower him with care and respect


A relationship with respect and care always stands the tough course of time.

Spend more quality time together


Spending quality time and prioritizing each other is the best way to go forward.

Sometimes make him feel insecure


Sometimes one tends to be taken for granted so try being a little naughty at times.Insecurity will surely make him realize your importance.

Try to become a person of his interest


Know him – his interests,likes,dislikes and make sure that in case you wish to bring about some changes in your ways then they should be in line with his likings.

Make him feel special


Never shirk from returning the gestures which make your loved ones feel special.After all you aren’t the only one who loves compliments!

Lastly, have patience

One always wants to be loved in a particular way and sometimes that makes a person very restless.Avoid it – stop expecting.Have faith in your feelings and stay patient.It always pays off well.

All these things are only possible if your affection is pure and genuine.Never disrespect true emotions even if you are not the perfect contender.Try to be kind even if you end up refusing a proposal.

Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

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