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8 Reasons Why We Lose Our Friends After We Leave School For College!

Leaving school and entering college brings along a lot of excitement. It marks new beginnings and can be referred to as the biggest change of our life since we were born.

This transition also brings changes in our personal life. It’s a real scary feeling to leave the people who know you best. When you have super close friends, it’s like they are a part of you.

When we decide to head off to college or do some other things, school friendship takes a new mode and everything changes. Some of our friendships change for the better, others do not.

Today, I am really close to some of my school friends. But have lost on to some very good ones.

The question that arose in my mind was what are these reasons that bring about this dreadful change in everyone’s life. These are the things that came to my mind…..

Communication gap

After school, it’s time for higher studies….and most of the students plant the seeds of life in different colleges far from each other.

Change in nature

This is such an obvious change that leads to friendship ki waat. With passage of time, we mature and pick like-minded friends for ourselves.


 New priorities…completely different schedules

While this might not kill any strong relationship, but definitely at some stage priorities have the ability to weaken it.


Love relationships

During school, you are not into any love affairs and spend your quality time with friends. But, after school you develop relations other than friendship. Friendships are known to fail when one gets into an all-consuming love affair.


Jealous of each other’s new friends

Even when two friends luckily get to enter the same college or happen to get placed at the same workplace, their proximity to others often causes tension among old friends.

 Parental pressure

Parents are very protective of their children and always want them to be in “good” company.

No reason to keep in touch anymore

One of the harsh realities of life that affects friendship is that the common thread that linked the friends ceases to exist.

 Too big to say sorry

Sometimes, friends unintentionally hurt each other, but because of their ego, do not apologize.

Always remember that friends are usually one of the biggest strengths of a person apart from the family…. So please don’t let them go!!

Watch this video and walk down the memory lane with #BackToSchool

I miss my school days 🙁

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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