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7 Solid Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best Thing!

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a fear of forgetting any special date like that of an anniversary or the birthday of your special someone? No? Then my friend congratulations, you are still single! Not just that, you are happy about it too. Do you sit and play Pokémon Go while your friends are out clicking forced selfies with their beau? Yes? Yes! You are in this crazy and awesome phase of your life called singlehood. And here are seven reasons why being single is the best thing ever:

7 You get to laugh and joke at the PDA other couples show

You are free enough to troll them, and create a joke about anything about them! Ha!

6 You can eat, eat and keep on eating!

Well, you don’t have to worry about dieting, gyming, etc. There’s no one to point you on your eating habits and most importantly, you can eat your food without sharing!

5 You can plan some alone time things for yourself

Well, you can plan the most awaited alone trip without being answerable to anyone.. Hell yeah!

4 Full scope of flirting

Let’s accept it: Whether single or not, people do flirt at times. This flirting is usually healthy in nature, unless of course you have an insecure partner who wouldn’t want to understand these things.

3 Exorbitant phone bills

After a tiring day at work, you don’t have to be on the phone for hours. You’ll have time to relax, meditate and feel good about yourself.

2 You have more time for your parents

One of the best things, you will always be able to spend time with ‘your people’ who actually need you and are your best people.

1 You are your best friend

Being single and content in your own company turns out be one of the most addictive things one can ever have. Because once addicted, you don’t like dealing with people.

So chill and have the best time of your life ‘coz you never know when you’ll get hooked up! May be tomorrow 😛



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