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9 Awesome Reasons Why You Must Learn To Play One Musical Instrument!

For life is all about learning something wonderful.

For the soulful me time


When you really want to treat yourself with some quiet time with “you”

To create that composition only for that someone special

You are inspiration, You bring feeling to my life…ever heard that song from Chicago? 

Good to know you can feed yourself if ever out of job!

Because an additional skill like that can give you hope that you can  earn bread and butter for yourself by other means to say the least… 

When you find like-minded people calling to create a band

And you know now that you belong in different breed of people and ain’t ordinary! 

That feeling when you get your dream composition right

After all, this was the reason I started learning this instrument. 

As a topic of discussion in your interviews

So, while others sweat it out in your MBA interview, you have a hot topic upon which you can steer your interview. All the Best! 

When you play on stage, someone is falling in love with your music and “you”

Ever seen “August Rush”, “The Piano”,”The Last Song”?? 

You are the soul and saviour at a gathering…

Be the star at the party, for you already have a cheering audience already. 

Last but not the least, you are more creative, enthusiastic and talented than you have ever been

Yup, scientifically it increases your memory, betters your mathematical ability, sharpens your concentration and creates a sense of achievement.



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