Only A Few Reasons Why We Hate Our Bosses!


If you’re one of those people who doesn’t care about gossip mongers then good for you!

There are certain people whom you just wish should like you. Being on their likable list can actually make your life a whole lot more easier.

No, we’re not talking about your in-laws (good luck with that). We’re talking about your boss…your association with him, whether your boss hates you and vice-versa!!

Even though it’s unfair, managers do play favourites and being a part of their trusted inner circle could save you from a layoff or advance you to a promotion.

But let’s assume the hatred comes from the other end. Maybe it’s just you who hates him and he’s just not bothered about it. Let me tell you that in such a situation, life becomes even more difficult. To work with that baggage of distrust and hatred for your boss is certainly not good.

Without doubt, there are tough bosses who are nothing more than bullying, power-drunk jerks and they’re brutal to work for.

How will you know that you really hate your boss?

Lemme ask you a question…Please select one of the following options.

My boss is:

a) A Monster

b) A Devil

c) Genghis Khan

d) Hitler

e) All of the above

Maybe your boss is a militant micro manager or maybe he’s like Dabney Coleman’s character in the hit movie 9. But you just feel that he’s simply a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot which is why you hate him. But what about others?

Here are some of the reasons why we or anyone else hate BOSSES:

1. He shoots down your ideas during meetings

2. She uses a condescending tone while addressing you

3. He is a sex addict

4. He is a racist

5. He is always clueless

6. He is dumb

7. He always points out your mistakes in front of everyone but never praises you for your achievements and accomplishments

8. He smells like whiskey every morning

9. He makes you work like an ass, but takes the credit points in front of the senior management

10. He is a hypocrite

11. He is a pedophile

12. He is gender biased

13. He makes the staff do his personal chores

Don’t despair.

We all have had impossible bosses at some point in our life. Too many people don’t realize that “managing up” is not the same thing as “kissing up”.

So master the art of managing your boss because even if you hate him and think bosses are made in hell, you still love your job!

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